Australia has a huge variety of opportunities for international students looking to study abroad. Highly sought after due to high standards of living, a few of the most attractive cities include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The country as a whole is home to roughly 758,000 international students.

Renowned universities, bright cities, and an incredible natural environment are some other characteristics that attract students like you. Read on to find out more about Australia’s allure as a destination for higher education and beyond.

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Why study in Australia?

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Vibrant natural environment

As most students are probably aware, Australia is home to 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 500 national parks, and 2700 conservation areas that include wildlife sanctuaries. In addition to all this, your holidays would present opportunities to enjoy beaches, explore reefs by diving/snorkeling and experience a wide-variety of flora and fauna.

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High standard of living

Australia is known for its extremely high standard of living in terms of access to healthcare, cultural diversity, living spaces etc. Moreover, living expenses and the cost of tuition is lower than in the US or UK.

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Work Experience

While studying at an Australian institution, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. Not only is this perfect for earning money to pay for the cost of living, it also presents many opportunities to gain experience within real industries throughout your time as a student.

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Student visa

Although there are requirements such as showing financial capacity and being accepted into an Australian university, the country offers a relatively straightforward and simple process for international students to obtain a student visa and study there.

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Accessible work

For students pursuing employment after education in Australia, there is a Temporary Graduate Visa available for international students to stay after graduation.

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