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Everyone loves a crafty entrepreneur. Being one takes a lot of effort, and one of the best places to give that head start to yourself is at a summer school for entrepreneurship. Summer school is an educational course where classes happen throughout the summer. Its objective is to equip students with new skills for the future on the subject. Such a program for entrepreneurship gives its students a thorough sneak peek into entrepreneurship.

The business world keeps changing. Those who can keep up with it will find the right opportunities and make a bank. Learning the ropes of entrepreneurship at a summer school can give you the much-needed fillip to work on your startup idea. 

The training provided at these summer schools helps the students become strong business leaders. It deals with the full spectrum of the aspects of entrepreneurship — strategy, venture, marketing, finance, human resources, fundraising, etc. 

Who should choose summer schools for entrepreneurship?

  • People who have a new startup idea and are looking for an opportunity to startup. 
  • Those looking to find a network of entrepreneurs in the making.
  • Individuals who want practical and theoretical experience in running a startup.
  • Those of different backgrounds, including people who are currently employed. 

Learning entrepreneurship is not like your average summer school experience. Why? Because becoming a successful entrepreneur is more than the application of theories. It encourages creative thinking. The ability to sniff opportunities and find the necessary resources to keep your business afloat is one skill that every entrepreneur must possess, and that becomes a big part of the curriculum. 

Why should you choose summer schools for entrepreneurship?

  • The student will gain knowledge on the best practices that one must leverage to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • You will leave the summer school with a new-found understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur. 
  • They provide a focused environment where the students get a solid understanding of the theoretical aspects of entrepreneurship. 
  • For those who want to learn entrepreneurship within a specific period, summer schools are great. 
  • You will have improved problem-solving skills related to running a business. 
  • If you are looking to get help with your business plans from experienced entrepreneurship professors, there isn’t a better option than an entrepreneurship summer school. 

Top summer schools for entrepreneurship:





Part/Full Time

Summer Course in Innovation and Future Thinking

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona


2 weeks


Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Manufacturing (IESMA): EIT Manufacturing Summer School

EIT Manufacturing – Masters


3 weeks


ABC BootCamps

Algebra University College


2 weeks


Summer Program: Summer in Entrepreneurship with Professional Internship


Technion International



8-12 weeks


Summer School International Summer Program

ESADE Business School


4 weeks


Summer Institute for STEM Scholars

International Programs at Tufts University



6 weeks

Full-time & Part-time

International Summer University Program (ISUP)

Copenhagen Business School


6 weeks


Learning outcomes from summer school for entrepreneurship:

  • You’ll understand how to find an innovative market for your business idea.
  • Understand the financial needs and viability of your business idea. 
  • Find out opportunities to raise funds.
  • Learn how to pitch business ideas to the right VCs and Angels. 
  • Gain a deep understanding of how to create a business in the online space. 
  • Develop long-term strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Learning at a summer school for entrepreneurship involves a lot of trial and error. You fail. You wonder what went wrong. You try again. You succeed. You lose again. The cycle continues. That’s the nature of being an entrepreneur. 

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