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Time is moving and boy does it move fast!

If you are in college or high school, it’s easy to get caught up in so many activities and lose sight of what you really need to do.

This ends up in rushed and scrappy work that is noticeable and eventually hurts your performance.

Are you scared that you’re running out of time and have no idea what to do?

Please take a deep breath and walk with us through this article.

Here are time management tips to get you through a busy work or school schedule

1. Create a Schedule

Behold the cliché. Everybody tells you this and you’re tired but guess what…they have a good reason to repeat it.

Creating a schedule is important in prioritizing your tasks. Thinking you can think your way through this will get overwhelming and it's easier for any other task to derail you.

Learn to stick to your schedule and ticking off things on your to-do lists.

2. Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health

Being in a mental and physical rut is dangerous.

You become sluggish and unable to fully focus on tasks, which results in time wastage.

Exercising and taking on mental health strategies like yoga, meditation, and journaling helps you think clearly.

A cluttered mind and a weak body will only make you feel tired and unmotivated every time you want to be productive.

Oh! And eat healthy because it’s all part of the wellness package.

3. Organize Your Work Space

Have you ever spent ten minutes looking for something that was in your bag the whole time?

Now imagine a disorganized workplace. You might spend minutes looking for things, making you exhausted by the time you need to work.

An organized desk makes it easier to work and think more effectively.

Try it and see how energized you’ll be as you work.

4. Try the 25-Minute Technique

This is called The Pomodoro technique, and involves focusing on a task for 25 minutes straight before shifting focus.

This is very important if you have trouble focusing for long periods of time.

Train your mind to focus and watch as you improve the time you spend on tasks.

5. Dissociate from Time-Wasters

As a student, you will probably interact with so many people.

If you find your productivity affected, take inventory of the people you hang out with and watch how many of those contribute to your problem.

Is there someone that suggests going to the mall or chatting while you have clearly communicated your need to work on something?

Set clear boundaries and detach from people that don’t respect your time.

6. Avoid Multitasking

You can’t be all over the place at the same time.

Focus on one task and work on creating your best results. Seeing how good you can get will improve your desire and confidence to work on the next project.

This beats producing bare-minimum results on different projects and getting discouraged for the next one.

Get ready to beat time

You can’t stop time but you can beat your deadlines and have lots of free time to do everything you enjoy.

Most of the most successful people will tell you we have enough hours in a day when you plan well.

Be one of them!

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