Canada has slowly gained popularity amongst international students as a stunning destination for higher education. The number of international students pursuing study in Canada has nearly doubled over the last decade and continues to grow at a steady pace, with good reason too.

Plenty of work experience opportunities, a warm, welcoming community, as well as a safe environment are just a few reasons students have their eyes on this country to continue their studies. Read on to find out whether Canada is the right match for you!

Safe and secure

Why study in Canada?

Safe and secure


Cost of attendance and living is always an important factor to consider for international students. The average cost of attendance for a Canadian institution is $22,000 (USD). This is approximately half what an international student pays on average at a US institution. Moreover, Canada is also known for its abundance of affordable living spaces.

Safe and secure

Work experience opportunities

Many institutions offer co-op programs where they incorporate regular work experience into the academic year in between terms of study. This ensures that students graduate with plenty of experience working for real companies in industries of their choice, which is an extremely attractive attribute for employers.

Safe and secure

Career- oriented education

Most Canadians place an emphasis on developing real world industry skills. As such, their education system is delivered through a career-oriented approach, thereby making graduates attractive prospects to companies that are looking to hire.

Safe and secure

Reasonably competitive admissions

Unlike the unbelievably competitive and extensive application process that the US is known for, Canadians institutes favour and administer an admission process that is primarily focused on academic performance. There are relatively fewer components associated with a Canadian application as compared to a US application.

Safe and secure

Quality of life

The Economist recently ranked the best places to live based on factors such as crime statistics, cost-of-living, and healthcare affordability. Incredibly, Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary all cracked the top ten places to live in the entire world! Even putting semi-arbitrary rankings aside, Canada unquestionably offers a plenitude of campus options in safe, affordable, and vibrant areas.

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