Our Junior Lane Package is designed for students who want the best possible guidance for their final two years of high school. With this package, we prioritise the student’s portfolio—stellar academics and powerful extracurriculars— as well as final university applications.

Have you ever felt yourself suffocated by the numerous deadlines you need to meet on a daily basis? With those deadlines fast-approaching, managing your time as a student is extremely important. Our team will focus on ensuring you are on track with your goals and experiences throughout your final two years of high school.

Book an appointment with our team now if you’d like to be guided on the path to your dream college! It’s never too late to start preparing!

Junior Lane Package

Why students and parents trust Careerlane

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Finding the best opportunities

Our team of experts will help students find and take advantage of the best opportunities through their high school journey. Be it through connections with the right people, internship possibilities, work experience, competitions or even research, we facilitate and arrange for numerous opportunities that students can use to build their portfolio and gain experience.

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Learn to construct a resume with impact

Compiling a CV is a craft in and of itself; a craft that can be taught and improved upon. Consolidating all your vocational, academic, and extra-curricular achievements in a concise, attractive manner can be a daunting task. With help from our leading experts, you will master the art of portraying your experiences and achievements as skilfully as possible.

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Cultivating your written voice

While there is more to the application than just the essays, they can definitely make or break your chances of being admitted to your dream college. That's why we place an emphasis on cultivating a student's writing skills from the very beginning. Our mentors will aid students in honing their creative writing skills, vital to crafting compelling essays that will stand out within the applicant pool.

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Keeping the target in sight

Deadlines flying at you from left, right and centre. Inconceivably long to-do lists. Numerous essays and documents. These are the harsh realities of the college application process. It may seem daunting and stressful but it doesn’t have to be the case. Our team will help you keep on top of the workload through excellent time management, impeccable organisation and realistic goal-setting.

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Bringing out the leader in you

Universities look for students who they can trust to make a difference at their institution. What better way to make a difference than through leadership. Working with our mentors, students will learn to take up initiatives and engage in active conflict management that is indispensable to becoming an impactful leader. Our students not only securely lead teams and projects throughout their high school life, they also go on to start their own companies, engage in activism and more—evidence that they'll be able to showcase their application.