Over the past few years, the United Arab Emirates has proven to be an up and coming destination of choice for students from various backgrounds for a variety of reasons. With the pace at which the education sector (and the economy) has grown, it’s no surprise that the number of students pursuing a higher education here has increased fourfold since 2002.

Outstanding educational institutions, relatively inexpensive fees, and phenomenal employability prospects all contribute to the destination's appeal. Read on to find out more about what makes the UAE so appealing to students like you.

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Why study in UK?

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Leading education institutions

The United Kingdom is home to some of the oldest and most renowned universities in the world that have stood the test of time, both physically and academically. Approximately one-fifth of the top 50 universities in the world (according to QS rankings) is located in the UK.

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Focused degree options

Universities in the UK place an emphasis on focused degrees and academics. Students explore subjects in great depth from some of the leading experts in their field. This is in addition to the fact that there are a huge variety of degree choices available across the various institutions in the country.

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Short degrees

UK universities offer comparatively shorter degrees with a typical Bachelor’s degree being only 3 years long as opposed to 4 as is common in other institutions around the world. Moreover, a Master’s degree is usually complete in 1 year while it generally takes around 2 years in universities outside the UK.

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Connection to Europe

The UK’s location allows for students to explore neighbouring countries relatively easily during vacations and also access exchange programs with other universities. Moreover, it also opens up many opportunities for employment prospects in the future after graduation.

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Arts and Theatre

The arts and theatre sector in the UK has received much critical acclaim internationally and holds a great reputation amongst other institutions. For students into film, theatre, fashion and/ or music, there is an abundance of opportunities to explore these passions—music festivals, museums, art exhibitions, film premieres etc.

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