Nearly every student looking to study abroad will have considered the United States due to the allure of its exceptional educational institutions and the sheer variety of opportunities available.

The US is home to approximately 1.1 million international students enrolled in US institutions, which is roughly 5% of the total student population. Read on to find out some of the reasons the country’s sustained popularity as a destination of higher education.

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Why study in USA?

Safe and secure

Top ranking institutions

The United States is home to some of the highest ranked, well-reputed institutions for higher education. It goes without doubt that the quality of education received by students is exceptional and would be complemented by an abundance of opportunities and access to state-of-the-art facilities, regardless of the area of study.

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International reputation

Degrees from US universities are highly valued by almost all major international companies, academic institutions and organisations. When studying in the US, you can rest assured that the value you receive from the education is well-worth the money spent on tuition and living.

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The United States is home to the largest number of international students. As a result, students can experience a wide variety of cultures, be a part of many different cultural organisations and take part in events hosted by these organisations. All of this enriches the overall holistic experience of student life and strongly complements the academic side of things.

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Institutes in the United States have extremely wealthy benefactors that pour money into their facilities. As a result, the average money spent by a US university on each of its students is relatively high. The benefits of high investments include access to world-class facilities, grants for projects, and exposure to the real life industry.

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Adaptable education

As an international student, you would likely be used to a different education system along with certain norms associated with your country’s style of education. However, rest assured that the US education system is very accommodating and flexible, allowing you to explore a breadth of subjects and study in a manner that best suits you.

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