The TOEFL test is an English language proficiency test that students commonly take to demonstrate their aptitude in the language for university. It is typically taken by students who have learnt English as a second language or who have not had their prior education done in English.

The TOEFL is accepted by upwards of 11,000 universities and institutions in approximately 150 countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and various countries in Europe and Asia.


The TOEFL iBT takes about three hours total. It is computer-based and has four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

The following are the timings for each section:

  • 17 minutes for Speaking
  • 50 minutes for Writing
  • 54-72 minutes for Reading
  • 41-57 minutes for Listening

The reading and listening sections vary in duration due to the fact that there may occasionally be additional experimental questions that are not counted towards your score but are included by the test developers in order to collect data.

Section Order Time Limit Number of Questions Pace (per question) Other Details
Reading 1 54 minutes (Standard)
72 minutes (experimental)
30 questions (Standard)
40 questions (experimental)
1 min. 48 sec. 3-4 passages (10 Questions each)
Listening 2 41 minutes (Standard)
57 minutes (experimental)
28 questions (Standard)
39 questions (experimental)
35 sec. 3-4 lectures (6 Questions each), 2-3 conversations (5 Questions each)
10 minute break
Speaking 3 17 minutes 4 Tasks Speaking Time: 45 sec. (Task 1), 60 sec. (Task 2-4) 4 Tasks: 1 Independent, 3 Integrated
Writing 4 50 minutes 2 Tasks Task 1: 20 min.
Task 2: 30 min.
2 Tasks: 1 Independent,13 Integrated

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