There is an increasing demand for careers in mental health and wellness, especially with the growth of social media.

Mental health coaches work in all fields as long as people work are involved. Dealing with the human mind is important, and you want to be sure you have picked the right place to mold your career.

This post highlights a few of the universities that offer the best mental health programs in the United States,

Here are 8 colleges that are committed to mental health programs

1.  University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA has dedicated weekly days for financial, mental, and physical wellness, which translates into the students’ mental health.

The UCLA Psychology program reflects the same in-depth attention to its curriculum as it works on producing well-rounded professionals.

Students can also specialize in different fields like animal behavior, perception, and memory.

2. Duke University

Duke University is a leading institution in psychology and science research. 

It also has a mental wellness program called Moments of Wellness Program, which focuses on student’s mental health and encourages ideas for mindful mental care.

The university has also partnered with Wuhan University in China for a one of a kind mental behavioral study program.

It is also one of the few universities that rewards students with stipends and financial support as they complete their research projects.

3. University of Pennsylvania

The Psychology at Penn program encourages critical thinking in understanding how human beings think and perceive the world around them.

It takes a liberal arts approach where students are allowed to pair a psychology major with another course to encourage multi-disciplinary reasoning.

Research interests are divided into two categories; brain, cognitive, and decision science, and clinical, positive, and social psychology.

4. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Berkeley’s psychology program aims to predict human behavior.

 It offers six areas, in; behavioral and systems neuroscience, clinical science, cognition, cognitive neuroscience, developmental, and social-personality psychology.

The school also offers work experiences and internships in the university’ psychology clinic.

5. Harvard University

Harvard is among the highest ranked universities in psychology and mental health research.

 In 2007, the school’s psychology department was ranked best in the country for scholarly productivity, indicating students are vastly involved in the research areas.

Harvard’s reputation as one of the best global universities also means students have access to world-class research facilities.

6. Stanford University

Stanford is a leading research and academic institution among global universities.

In 2003, the Smithsonian institution honored the institution as one of the best psychology research centers, a legacy it holds to date.

Be prepared for exposure in affective science, neuroscience, and cognitive, social, and developmental psychology programs.


These are just the top universities in case you want to pursue a career in mental health.

The list goes on and on, and it’s up to you to pick the best for your personal and educational goals.

Further research on these universities will give an idea of what to look out for in a good program.

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