Liberal arts colleges are not usually mainstream names that you’ll hear high-achieving students scrambling for.

However, SMART students know the value offered and actually prefer enrolling in these colleges. They offer small, engaged communities with very quirky and exciting school cultures.

They also offer programs that range from arts to science courses like chemistry and biology. Most significantly, most offer open curriculums where students can choose their own courses.

Are you wondering if a small liberal arts college is good for you,

Here are top reasons you should consider applying to liberal arts colleges

1. You get a Specialized Curriculum

Let’s talk about the small class sizes and student-teacher ratio. For example, Williams College has one professor for every 2-3 students.

So it’s basically a discussion group with your lecturer! 

And on this note, you will see more of your professors than graduate aides and assistants as compared to large universities.

While the large universities focus more on research programs, liberal arts colleges make their students the main focus.

That means you will have school resources at your disposal because you are a priority.

2. You get Access to Well-rounded Education

Liberal arts colleges really focus on activities inside and outside of the classroom.

Due to the small numbers, faculty members have time and resources to ensure you prosper in all areas.

Get ready for aggressive interdisciplinary learning, where a business major gets a taste of theater or a pre-med major gets access to sociology studies.

This rounded perspective creates intellectually stimulated students that can apply holistic knowledge in their professions.

3. There is Focus on Critical and Innovative Thinking

This spills over from the inter-disciplinary culture in the community.

You are likely to get into a discussion with a science student in the morning and a political science student in the evening, broadening your perspective.

You will be taught how instead of what to think as lecturers immerse you in different learning environments.

In these face-to-face discussions with your professors, prepare to be challenged and encouraged to connect ideas in different fields.

4. You Get a Tight-Knit Campus Community

Think of living in a small town compared to being in the heart of a large city.

The small student classes in liberal arts colleges compel you to make actual connections with your schoolmates.

These discussion-style lectures also create bonds and a tight-knit culture, where you get to know people on a deeper level.

You will also experience a more “homey” feeling, enhancing your college experience as compared to a large university.

5. They Offer More Generous Financial Aid Packages

With less competition for resources, students are more likely to get half to full financial aid packages.

A lot of students in these small colleges don’t pay for all their fees, meaning you would have more time to focus on your studies than worrying about tuition and upkeep.

Are you convinced yet?

We hope you can look beyond the household names as you search for colleges because the options are so many!

Do you feel like you’d benefit more from an intimate campus setting? 

Then these small colleges might be exactly what you need.

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