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Finding one’s calling or vocation is one of the biggest decisions of each of our lives. A misstep or two can mean a completely different life trajectory than what you were hoping for. From getting educated in Ivy League colleges to building a career abroad, there are several reasons to study abroad. In this article, we look at why you need to choose an educational consultancy like Career-lane that helps students join colleges abroad.  

Reasons to choose Career-lane for your goal to study abroad: 

  • Finding the best opportunities:
    As an educational consultancy, Career-lane does all the work, right from finding scholarship opportunities to customizing your CV for each university. We understand your interests and goals and discuss with our team of experts to find the right volunteering and internship opportunities to fatten your CV to appeal to the college. 

  • Cultivating written voice:
    Who you are, what you stand for, and how you present yourself in your writing will have a huge say in your academic life. Our team of experts guides you in picking your original voice. It has to be consistent and reflected in your day-to-day interactions. In the eyes of your peers and professors, having a simple writing style will make you look authentic and credible.  

  • Keeping the target:
    Choosing the right country or university for your studies can be daunting since the options are aplenty. Hiring a consultant can take the pressure off this process. They recommend the best institutions based on the course you are interested in. The fee structure, program availability, application deadlines, scholarship possibilities, and every other information are spelt out clearly for the candidates. At Career-lane, we streamline the entire process with our in-house organizational tools. 
  • CV portfolio preparation:
    You can avoid silly mistakes in your application by working with a consultancy with years of experience sending youngsters abroad to study. They know the ins and outs of what will work in your CV. They help you create a comprehensive portfolio consolidating your academic, extracurricular, and vocational experience. 
  • Finding the most suitable college for you:
    Picking the right college for a student makes all the difference. If you are doing this on your own, you are likely to get overwhelmed. We aim to put you in the right college based on your academic qualifications, professional experience, and end goal. We get into a detailed conversation with the student to understand what they want.
    We get into a detailed conversation with the student to understand what they want. Based on the discussion and psychometric test results, we build a list of colleges that make sense for your profile. Once you go through them, you can pick your top choices, and we will give you a more comprehensive report to narrow them down further. We will even connect you to the alums of these colleges, making it easier for you to find ones that are the right fit for you.
  • Scholarship opportunities:
    Most students cannot afford to pay their college tuition in its entirety. Fortunately, there are scholarships on offer at many universities. Finding the right ones suitable for you can be difficult. Here is where we come in. 
    Your application form, letter of motivation or essay, proof of income, financial statements, letter of recommendation, letter of acceptance from the institution, and proof of your academic achievements should be duly submitted to the scholarship provider. At Career-lane, we take care of all these aspects to ensure you get the scholarship to step into your dream college without the burden of student loans hovering over you. 

Wrapping up

The above are a few benefits of seeking help from our educational consultancy. While you can also apply on your own given that everything is digitized, getting assistance from a team of professionals experienced with the whole process is a wiser choice. There is no doubt that working with a consultancy increases the chances of your application getting accepted. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you attain your educational goals.

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